Born and raised in Portland Oregon, Andrea Anderson draws inspiration from the beautiful surroundings and her three young children. As an industry member with a background in design and business—she saw a market need that was unfulfilled. With a desire to outfit her children with high-quality products and fashion-forward designs, Wyatt Rose was born. 

We design & manufacturer luxury headwear. From posh designs for every little prince & princess, to great everyday basics that compliment any peacoat, poncho, or puffer. 

THE POLKA DOT BOW company is a mom-made business based out of Australia. Once we discovered her impeccable taste & quality for fashion accessories it was a partnership we had to share with all of you. We hope you enjoy the exclusively curated headbands & bows designed perfectly for the little girl in your life.

PATAGONIA® is a California based company that makes high-quality outdoor apparel. Parents around the world have come to recognize the label and trust that the products are well made and are built to last. When paired with a Wyatt Rose hat, there is no better combination for your child this winter!

OGG company was founded by 3 amazing women based in Taiwan. They pride themselves on making quality, functional, non-toxic products for children. We are honored to partner with them, bringing you exclusive rain ponchos made perfect for layering year around.  

TATI & ME company is a mom-made business based out of Portland Oregon. When we first met Katy and saw her impeccable sewing we knew it was a match. After working together to design the perfect reversible dress, we are bringing you exclusive 2 in 1 options for all the special occasions. 
*Limited quantity available - follow on social media to see each release early

Website photography by Amy Anderson